Worth the Hype?#1 |Passengers (2016)

I was really skeptical about this film as I am with many hyped up things, but having just watched it I knew I needed to share my thoughts with my audience.

The two leading characters Jim and Aurora are played by Chris Pratt and Jennifer Lawrence. 

A ship is floating in space, travelling to a space colony where people would settle down and live out its live, make next generations and so on. The journey there takes 120 years, in which time, the passengers there are hybernating and perfectly preserved and the intention is for them to be resuscitated 4 months before they land on their destination, so they could enjoy the last part of the journey and be prepared and taught on what to do in their new home.

A disaster strikes the ship and it causes a momentary glitch in the systems that leads to many system errors/failures and for one of the hybernation pods to fail and that ends up in awaking the passenger in that pod. Jim lives alone for over a year, in which time he tries to figure out why he is awake and how can he wake others. Depression eventually settles in and he almost attempts suicide by floating himself in space, but he stops himself and decides to drink himself stupid. He ends up falling infront of a pod holding a woman, Aurora, and he learns all about her back story (at this point i was creeped out). Jim thinks he  is in love with her works and starts obsessing over her, and makes the decision to wake her up (essentially ending her life).

Aurora and Jim have a brief romantic affair until it is revealed that he actually woke her up, which understandably pisses her off. They don’t talk to each other until another person wakes up (this time a crew member) who reveals that there is something wrong with the ship.

Aurora and Jim set out to find what is wrong and they try to fix it, even though it is a more or less mission impossible. Finally, they save themselves and the ship and its passangers, and Jim finds a way to put Aurora back to sleep, but (to my surprise) she rejects the idea of going back to sleep and never seeing him again.

The film ends with a scene of crew members finally waking up 5 months before landing with the destination finally visible and they wake up to find Aurora’s book and her memories.
The film creeped me out initially, with the whole obsession thing, but the story (even if creepy/unhealthy/pretty much a horror) is very well told. I won’t be surprised if the film has got/will get nominated for multiple awards because it is one of the best films with special effects I have ever seen. I liked that the story was narrowed down to two perspectives and that while there is a distinction in the stories, the transition between the point of views is not super harsh. I overall think that this space Titanic-esque story is a bit cheesy but worth the watch even if solely for the special effects.

PS. It’s important to note that Jennifer Lawrence mentioned that she wished that the story was told in a different way, and I completely agree with her. See the article here.

My rating: 4/5 stars and all of them because of the special effects.

Have you seen this film? Did you like it? Do you agree that the story should have been told in a different way?

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