Vampire Academy (2014)

Precious bestie actually brought this film up and it had been sitting on my to-watch list for ages so I finally took the plunge and watched it. I’m actually currently reading the series as well, so stay tuned.

What I enjoyed about the film is that it sticks pretty close representation-wise to the book. When I got towards the end of Last Sacrifice (VA #6) , I rewatched the film (paying close attention for the details) and while some of them are not so important, there are details from the book that are missing. Still, the film is really close to what the book conveys.
We are introduced to three races of vampires – the Moroi (the mortal/alive vampires), the Dhampirs (half-vampire and half-human, and Guardians of the Moroi) and the Strigoi (the evil undead immortal vampires who want to exterminate the Moroi). We are also introduced to their way of life in their society and outside.

The story is about Lissa Dragomir and her Guardian Rose Hathaway. Lissa, Rose and the Dragomirs suffer a horrendous accident after which Lissa’s mother, father and brother die. Lissa and Rose make it out alive under a strange circumstance and form a one-way psychic bond.  That bond allows Rose to protect Lissa better from her long-time hidden enemy who had been acting as a long-time friend of her family.

I really enjoyed that the cast included a lot of my favorites – Zoey Deutch (Rose), Dominic Sherwood (Christian), Sarah Hyland (Natalie), Cameron Monaghan (Mason), Claire Foy (Ms. Karp).

The story is a bit cheesy but I didn’t mind it at all, and I am actually surprised I didn’t start reading the books earlier (I had a phase when I was really into vampire related YA books). The film is good and you’ll love it if you like films that are very closely adapted to the original books. There is a lot of ass-kicking and the story really catches your attention.

I am not saying that it’s the most well-made film or that it has the best special effects or cinematography, it’s far from that, but I really enjoyed watching favorite actors and actresses in the same production and the story is not bad, so it was a win-win for me.

I recommend it if you like YA style vampire stories. It’s far from Twilight, and I would really pin it closer to the House of Night series rather than Twilight if we are talking vampire stories.

If you’re familiar with the first book but haven’t watched the film – the timeline is a bit off and Rose comes off even more confident than she is in the books but that doesn’t make the film any worse, in my opinion.

Stay tuned for the book reviews!

Have you seen the film or read the book? What do you think?

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