Life Update #1: Where have you been?

Almost a month ago I got an amazing opportunity that I have been pursuing at full capacity, which is why I was absent for so long. But absence makes the heart grow fonder, right?

This opportunity has allowed me to grow as a person, to get out of my comfort zone, and most importantly kept me busy so my personal life wouldn’t swallow me alive.

Getting out of one’s comfort zone is extremely difficult. I started a job in a field that I knew very little about and the learning curve has been an adventure of its own. I wouldn’t trade it for the world, though. A month ago I was in a very low place mentally, alone for most of the time, barely getting out of bed before 12 pm, miserable, angry with myself and the rest of the world and about to quit university. Now, every day I go to work knowing that even if my job makes me face something that I don’t know how to solve, I have an amazing team behind me that will help me face it. Trust me, having amazing teammates makes all the difference in life.

September was a very difficult month – full of sorrow, bitterness, growing pains, adjustment, heartache, tears and frustration.

October has been a month of rebirth. I feel more confident with each passing day, I am pursuing many things with everything I have, I am proving to myself that I can and I am doing it. I have an amazing support system that won’t fail me just like i won’t fail them. Hell, I started listening to music again – that is something I haven’t actively done in years! I enrolled for the school year and I feel empowered and a teensy bit scared because I am about to graduate and the question that hangs in the air is And then what? But why should I try to answer questions that still haven’t come up.

If you are in a difficult situation in life, keep going and don’t give up. Things will sooner or later turn around and you’ll see you are not alone. I promise.

And to the people that stand by me – your support means everything.

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