Everything, Everything – the film

I watched this recently and wow..

I expected it would break my heart and I was prepared for it but the twist really took me by surprise. This is the story of a young girl (Maddy) who has spent the majority of her life cooped up in a sterile house thinking that she has SCID (an immune deficiency that could kill her if she is exposed to outside environment). She lives in a sterile environment and is not really allowed to have “normal” experiences because she is told that this disease will take her life if she exposes herself to human interaction with people outside of her mother and her nurse.

Maddy creates her own worlds in the architecture projects she makes as she studies architecture online, she runs a blog and is an overall pretty cool teen. What I noticed about her in the beginning of the story is that everything in her life is in one color – grey. When her next-door neighbours move in, she notices the young boy and the start communicating. Long story short, they fall in love and so color is added to her life.

This is the thing with some of the YA works – sometimes the characters sacrifice literally everything for love. And this is the thing that pissed me off so much about the movie. Yes, of course she must have felt pretty isolated and alone from not having much human interaction, but the guy is not worth dying for.

Thankfully, the plot twist happened and saved the whole plot but that moment in the film really annoyed me (I am still to read the book, so stay tuned).

The acting, the way the film is written, everything is really well done so I have nothing bad to say about this film and I would definitely recommend you watch it.

Have you read the book Everything, Everything? Do you recommend it?

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