Last night I received a notification congratulating me on the one year anniversary of this small corner of the internet that I call my blog. A year ago I prayed that I would have grown my blog and met tons of people through it, taking one step closer to my dream of writing full time. I am not disappointed by the reality.

A year ago I was cooped up in a miserable dark apartment, feeling lonely and daydreaming about all the what-ifs that followed every decision that I had made up to that point. Last summer I spent cooped up, feeding myself coffee and junk food, passing most of my time in fictional worlds. In September I found a job that gave me stability and that gave me comfort for the longest time. In December I injured my left arm and I really thought that everything else is more important than my mental and physical health. In May, my life turned around for the better.

Today I am in a bedroom that overlooks the seaside and I feel somewhat at peace. I am taking care of my health (both mental and physical) and I am on the journey of learning to love myself. I can spend time in the sun and enjoy re-teaching myself to swim (because my elbow injury makes me feel really insecure). I have time to study and read at my own free will and I am not always rushing to do things. IMG-20180713-WA00013

A couple of days ago I tried to write something, anything, really but the writer’s block was savage and I was very hard on myself because I couldn’t even put two words together. Falling asleep last night was very difficult because I kept thinking about what to write to commemorate the anniversary.

I am happy to have you, my little community of readers. I am happy that I can keep writing, that I can keep sharing my crazy thoughts with you, that I have this little platform where I can ramble freely.

Here’s to a better now – a now where we can learn to forgive ourselves, to learn to love ourselves and to share the good that happens (because often enough only the negative is emphasized on). Here’s to taking those baby steps of self-discovery and self-love.

Thank you for tagging along.

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7 thoughts on “Perspective

  1. I love this. I love that you can never really know what’s in your future. It’s something I’ve been thinking about a lot, lately… How the universe has a intrinsic need for balance. The darkest times will be always followed by light. It’s just about trusting that balance will find you and allowing it in when it does.

    So, congratulations on 1 year! I’m sure there’ll be much more light to follow; to balance your life and illuminate all the inspiration you desire. ❤️


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