Following Louisa Clark’s adventures

Truthfully, what introduced me to the three-part book series that follows Louisa Clark’s odd life was the film trailer for Me Before You. The story of a young woman who clearly does not belong in the small town of Strotford and who slowly, day by day, realizes her self-worth and realizes that she can do way better.

Me Before You introduces us to Louisa and her life in Strotford, England where she is working a small cafe/bakery that is about to be closed due to an unaffordable rent and Louisa starts to seek a job only to get hired as Will Traynor’s personal assistant. Will has been bound to a wheelchair since a horrible accident and somehow in their short acquaintance they find themselves teaching one another not only how to live but also rediscovering how to love.

Me Before You is a heart-wrenching story that I read two years ago and it truly did it for me. I am rarely one for romantic type of novels but the book is beautifully written and explores the story in a way that makes you think about what is going on in life and what you should really be worried about. Find out more about Me Before You here.

After You is the second installment in the series and it tells the story of grief, learning to deal with loss, and going through depression as a result of loss. After You leaves us with little bits and bobs that Will leaves Louisa as an inheritance of sorts, the little things that perhaps (the romantic in me, at least) believes that he wrote for a future self, for someone that he might love. 

After You was a difficult read for me (I read it a long time ago, but still). I remember being utterly disappointed by how Louisa had coped with her grief and how she coped with life after loving and being loved by Will. Truthfully, I understand partially how she feels – grief is not easy to deal with and especially dealing with the grief of someone you loved so much who died so young. (Sorry for the spoiler!) Find out more about After You here.

Truthfully,  I was skeptical when I decided to read Still Me because I really thought that Louisa’s story was completely exhausted and there was nothing more that I could learn. Louisa’s story in Still Me completely threw me off. Her decision to go to New York and embrace the job that had met her with Will was something I didn’t really expect from her. I was suspicious of the whole Agnes Gopnik storyline and I suspected something bad would happen. I really enjoyed the whole Mrs. De Witt story and I liked that the enemies-to-friends was put to use.

Louisa’s truly grew with this story and I am happy that I didn’t leave it to stew on my to-read pile. Her journey in New York, the heartbreak, the betrayals, the new acquaintances, even the boldness of deciding to follow your dreams and calling them out for what they are (Your heart’s biggest desire) is truly inspiring to me. Find out more about Still Me here.

I don’t usually like to post a whole series review but just today I finished reading Still Me and I found my old notes from a scrawny review I’d written on the previous two posts so I decided to combine it all. Do you mind really long series reviews or do you prefer book-by-book reviews?


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