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What a mess! – My thoughts on Season 5 of The 100

Beware of spoilers if you have not watched The 100 Season Five! 

Yesterday aired the second part of the two-part finale of The 100 and honestly, I am ready to discuss this mess of a season it was.

The 100 is one of my top three favorite shows (alongside Shadowhunters and Game of Thrones) and I get very passionate about my favorite shows (who doesn’t?). After the very intense finale of season 4 (throwback to all the heartbroken Bellarke fans) and the long waiting game for season 5, I am honestly conflicted about this whole season.

Here are my (not-so-coherent at time) thoughts:

  • Good on them for giving us a glimpse of how life continued for Clarke and Madi on Earth during those six years. The scenes in the first few episodes where we caught glimpses of what Clarke went through after Praimfaya – waking up all alone in the world, not being able to open the bunker, not being heard through the radio – how all of that impacted her mental health was so important for her character development and it was essential for the storyline.
  • We didn’t see enough of life of the Ark. I would have loved to see how Echo managed to earn everyone’s trust and how Raven got to be an even bigger badass.
  • Not enough Bellarke screen time! Yes, it was amazing how they timed it perfectly to save Clarke’s life, and I am all for Madi being the president of the Bellarke fan club.
  • The Eligius prisoners story line – this whole storyline was interesting because these characters brought out a different side of our well-known characters. Abby and Kane fleeing the Bunker and Octavia’s reign was something quite unexpected (for me,at least) and seeing them follow Diyoza’s leadership was interesting and new for me.
  • The topic of addiction – this topic was initiated in season 3 scratched the surface of it, with how Jasper handled Maya’s death and the massacre at Mount Weather. Seeing Abby go through it was heartbreaking, I need to learn more about it, about her relationship with Kane (it was devastating to watch her trying to get to open the bunker when she heard Clarke’s struggle to open it).
  • Blodreina – the whole narrative surrounding Blodreina is a goddamn mess. Despite Octavia winning the Conclave (and losing another love interest /Yes, I am still salty about Ilian/), she was still in a vulnerable place as the burden of leading the remains of the human race was on her shoulders, her brother freshly gone and her heart recently broken (again). Yes, she became a monster but the way I see it, it was as much Abby’s fault as it was Octavia’s for how big that monster really grew.
  • Madi – I was so happy when we caught first glimpse of her at the end of season 4 and in the first trailer for season 5 because it meant giving Clarke’s character development a jumpstart, perhaps a push towards a Bellarke reunion and Clarke not going crazy for six years. I am curious to see how they will explore the Heda angle more, because from what we saw, she has access to all of the previous Commanders’ memories and perhaps she can see Clarke’s memories from when Clarke destroyed ALIE. This season showed us that Clarke raised Madi with love and care and compassion and I am curious to see how Clarke’s parenting methods will go along with the Commanders’ voices in her head. (I expect to see people that still cling to Clexa /what a wonderful ship that was/ who will say that Madi is ghost-parented by Lexa.)

The Remains of the OG 100 

  • I have a theory about Miller’s role and how he stepped up in his best friends’ shoes to support Octavia. The way I see it, Miller saw how difficult it was for Octavia to unite Wonkru and keep the peace and he decided that he would pledge her his undying loyalty. I don’t know.
  • Murphy and Emori – this dynamic has been very interesting for me since the beginning of the show because the two outcasts fit so perfectly together, and now, somehow this new season almost broke them? I am glad that they showed the impact of that isolation and the apocalypse on Earth on the mental health of the characters (not deeply enough, but you can only get so much). Murphy has been always one to look down on himself and cover it with sarcasm but seeing him be separated from Emori was painful. There were rumors floating around that Murphy would die by the end of the season and the finale really had the edge on that, but I am so happy that everyone’s favorite cockroach survived.
  • Raven – our favorite genius badass engineer needs a goddamn break. I am proud that she decided to utilize her time on the Ark and try to overcome her injury and I am proud that she did not isolate herself or let anyone else isolate themselves. I suspect that she had something to do with Echo being integrated into the community despite her previously treacherous ways. Her romantic involvement with Shaw is exciting as hell and I want more of that because she deserves her happy ending.
  • Speaking of happy endings, we need to address Monty and Harper. There were rumors floating around the Internet that their storyline will end with an Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden type of narrative, meaning that they will likely stay back in Polis and revive the hydrofarm in the Bunker but with Octavia literally torching the place, their narrative was taken to a whole different place. The second part of the season finally did good by them, perhaps more could have been wanted – (them saying goodbye to their friends??? MAYBE???) but the short vlogs that Monty left for Bellamy and Clarke was probably the best goodbye we are going to get on this show. I wonder how their (SPOILER) son! is going to fit in with the rest of the 100 and if they are going to adopt him like they will probably adopt Madi.
  • Bellamy and Octavia’s relationship – boy, was i disappointed when Bellamy told her that he wished she was dead. Yes, they hurt each other pretty badly but I like to believe that the Octavia who chased butterflies could make a comeback, and with the proper time to heal and put behind her the part that was Blodreina, I hope they give each other another chance. Last siblings of the human race deserve better, OBVIOUSLY.
  • Miller and Jackson – my favorite sons, all I have to say is that Miller should not be walking around with this head injury of his, and Jackson should know better.


  • I am so happy that they mentioned Lexa, Becca, Lincoln and how they impacted the character development of the favorites.
  • The glimpse of the mother-daughter relationship between Indra and Gaia was everything.
  • I am ready for Bellamy and Echo’s love life to disappear and I am so happy it was not shoved in our faces.
  • Can we have more of the Bellamy-Madi dynamic?

I apologize for this long ramble of a review, but these are pretty much all the thoughts going through my head regarding the interesting season that was. I am already longing for the next season and I can’t wait to see how the New-Earth narrative will work out, how they will be greeted by the people from Eligius III and what will happen in this now very complex community.

PS. I might add more to this later, it’s a work in progress.

PS. The screenshot is from the second part of the finale and the image belongs to the CW.

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