What are feelings?!?! – To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before (THE FILM)

When this film came out, there was no social media platform that I use that wasn’t flooded with people gushing over this film. AND FOR A REASON.

I haven’t read yet the books (and I plan on doing it that soon), but the film is really good. I considered putting off watching it until I had read the books but then I am trying hard to stop putting off things and procrastinating because that is unhealthy.

To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before tells the story of sixteen year old Lara Jean who writes letters to boys she has had feelings for and never really intends on sending them. She is one of those invisible girls in high school (that is her aim) and when the letters do get out, she has to face the music and talk to all those boys (one of them being her next door neighbor, ex best friend and her sister’s ex boyfriend). Understandably, LJ is in a sticky situation. How do you get out of that situation, you might ask? Well, by dating your ex-friend’s ex-boyfriend, of course.

All jokes aside, the film is family friendly and emphasizes the importance of good relationships between siblings, strong friendships and shows how messy teen drama could be. It is also really cheesy and I will keep watching it and pretending that I have a love life or anything going on in my life, really.

I would say that all ages could watch the film, some might find it a bit cringe-y but it is a cute film. While the outcome was almost predictable, I like how they made it all seem casual and it is a good option for a date-night film (in my opinion). Also, I can’t miss out on the opportunity to comment on Lara Jean’s wardrobe (I mean, goals), and how cute Noah Centineo is (predictable comment, I know).

I rate To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before at 5/5 stars and I highly recommend it to absolutely everyone. The film will give you a lot of feelings and it made me smile and cry, and it would probably do that to you too.

How soon should I read the books?


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