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Hi everyone and happy fall and happy new TV season premieres!

I thought that instead of doing individual posts on the premieres of each show that I’m currently watching, I would do a round up with my thoughts each week until everything has premiered. Please let me know what you think of this idea.

This is Us 

In my opinion, This is Us has some of the best writing on TV out there. There, I said it. The premiere episode of season 3 as usual delivered a lot of feelings – from happiness, to empathy, to sadness, to disappointment. I personally loved what Kate said in the Doctor’s office and how she said it (no spoilers, just marking), and it made me relate with her. Also, her whole speech at the birthday party was just heartbreaking.

I am very curious about the scenes where Randall and one of his daughters go to visit someone – who are they visiting, is it Kate? This cliffhanger has to be explained soon.

What I expect from the season? – A lot of heartbreak, emotional rollercoasters and greatly played out storylines.

The Gifted

almost gave up on The Gifted and when I saw that it premiered I wasn’t quite thrilled. Last season was a struggle for me for the most part and I almost anticipated to keep watching this as a filler, meaning “I’ll watch whenever there isn’t anything else to watch”. Truthfully, the premiere did not disappoint one bit and I am excited to see what is next to come and I am hopeful that the rest of the season will not disappoint. My heart broke for Marcos and I hope he and Lorna get back together because their dynamic is very interesting and in my opinion they work together well. I am thrilled for the ThunderBlink ship and I hope these two work out well, because I’ve shipped them from the very beginning.

What I expect from the season? – In all honesty, I don’t have any expectations because I am not that into the show but we’ll see, I might change my mind.


The Lyon family is out of the Empire and they are struggling to get their sh*t together once more. In the last season finale, there was a lot of drama and Hakeem got hurt, and Anika died. In the season premiere we are fast forwarded in time to see the aftermath – with Hakeem’s struggles of recovering, Cookie and Luscious fighting to get back what is theirs, Jamal moving to London and Andre in prison. I felt bad for all of them because each one of the Lyons is in a not very good situation but I am hopeful that they will get out of there quickly and rise back to the top. The murder twist was very disappointing and very disheartening, and quite unnecessary in my opinion.

What I expect? I expect for the Lyons to take back Empire and to put things back in order but not without a dose of their daily drama.

Grey’s Anatomy

What is a Grey’s episode without a character death? The 2-hour premiere did not disappoint for the most part, and I found the new team members a bit weird in that they walk around like they are glued together. The introduced storyline of the matchmaker made me smile, because it’s time for Meredith to take care of herself and I am proud of her for that. What really annoyed me is Teddy’s behavior and how she burdened Maggie with her secret, and I am worried that all of this – the Teddy and Owen fling will backfire and end up hurting Amelia. The premiere was funny and heartbreaking and well-written.

What I expect? I am hopeful for a new long-lasting romance for Meredith that will not end up in heartbreak for her and all of us. I will be interested to see how the Amelia – Owen – Teddy dynamic will play out. I am secretly hopeful that the new so-called ortho God will f&&& off and Callie will come back (I am always hopeful that some of the OG’s will come back).

How To Get Away With Murder

I have a love-hate relationship with HTGAWM and I’ve been watching it off-and-on, meaning that I sometimes take a break between episodes. I found the last season exciting when Annalise’s Supreme Court case took off and the How To Get Away with Scandal crossover was everything. I had forgotten what they foreshadowed in the previous season finale but the first episode is very promising. All our favorite players are back, and it seems someone is yet again in danger. This time, we are shown the events from a three-month gap and we learn about a mysterious character that I will not really spoil about. There is more Laurel and Frank drama, and we see more of Christopher.

What I expect from the season? I have high expectations about the new mysterious character and I hope they play it out well, and I hope no one important gets hurt because honestly I am done with that.

So, this is a wrap on my first premiere week. I really enjoyed most of the episodes and I will keep you updated probably by the time mid-season rolls around. What are you currently watching and what are your thoughts on the season premieres? I am currently struggling with Iron Fist and I don’t know when and if, I’ll finish it and I am excited about the premiere of the DC shows, Supergirl and The Flash especially.

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