Mamma Mia 2 aka the Demise of my feelings

I just finished watching Mamma Mia 2 and I need to share my thoughts with you all.

The first Mamma Mia came out about 10 years ago and it was an absolute hit, and trust me, the second film did not disappoint either. In the second film we learn what happens with Sophie’s big plans about the hotel and we see her trying to prepare for the hotel’s new look and the grand opening of the place. Her dad Sam (Pierce Brosnan) is there to help her and the sad theory that Donna has passed away was confirmed. Sophie does everything that she thinks would be right for the hotel to make Donna proud. Meanwhile Sky is away in New York learning everything about the hotel business and he says that he would not be able to make it to the hotel opening, and neither would her other two dads – Bill and Harry.

Sophie is very anxious about the grand reopening of the hotel and when a storm hits Kalokairi all of her hopes of making her mother proud are swept away.

Parallel to this story is told the story of young Donna – how she was a valedictorian at her university, how she meets young Harry in France, then her travels to Greece where she meets Bill, and finally her affair and heartbreak with Sam. Her struggle of finding her grounds initially is contrasted with how for her everything clicks once she gets to the island. Of course, the film puts emphasis on her strong relationship with her friends Tanya and Rosie who are there for Sophie even after Donna passes.

I can’t finish this review without mentioning how iconic Cher’s role is in the film and how she steps up just when Sophie needs her and how she sticks to her words and is there for Sophie even when she hasn’t been there much for Donna (or at least that’s what the film says, I would like to learn more about Ruby and Donna’s relationship).

There is a happy ending to the story, one that made me cry so hard as if I was once again watching Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Pt.2 (that’s how much I cried).

The only thing I disliked about the film is how they made it seem that Tanya and Rosie could settle with young Sam and young Harry as if they could have Donna’s sloppy seconds. It is emphasized that Rosie’s affection for Bill has been a very long time thing.

The performances, the way the film is edited and the story told are all marvelous. Lily James has done a spectacular job of portraying young Donna and I admire her so much for her work.

I would highly recommend that you see the film as soon as possible. It will make you smile, laugh and cry and it’s an emotional roller-coaster worth going through.

PS. I am lowkey obsessed with Amanda Seyfried and Dominic Cooper’s chemistry.


Are you a fan of musicals? Did you watch Mamma Mia and which film do you prefer better?

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