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Premiere Week 2 – Do I drag them or no?

Apologies for the delay with this (and the next few posts), friends! I caught a stomach flu and having no internet on top of that made writing quite the struggle. I will catch up (hopefully in the next few days) to speed with everything and get back on schedule with my silly little version of Blogtober.

How are you all holding up?

Bob’s Burgers

Truthfully, I liked Bob’s Burgers a lot more years ago, and now I am watching it as a filler, when there is nothing else to watch really. I enjoy very much the characters of Tina and Louise and I think it’s finally time for them to bond and get along better, because in my opinion Tina is a bit brushed to the side even though she is supposed to be the main character.

The premiere episode was disappointing for me (as was the second one), because they went back to the girls’ obsession with the boy band (a plot that could have been used for them to bond). The first episodes also hinted that the Belchers might be going through financial struggles, and that would be interesting to see.

What I expect from the season? – I have no expectations, at this point I just hope for the best, but I stopped recommending this show a while ago. I will keep you updated.

The Simpsons

I love The Simpsons and that’s been going on for almost a decade now. The premiere episode was a very weird one, pulling the plot out of the blue (at least I thought so). I liked the second episode better with the reference to the reality show The Amazing Race and the fact that they showed 1. the kids trying hard to make their parents happy, 2. Marge being excited and passionate about something outside of her family life.

What I expect from the season? – Again, no expectations, but I would love to see more pop-culture references, and more interesting and expanding plot lines (which I am doubtful would happen).

Fresh off the Boat

Fresh off the Boat is amazing in my opinion! If you are unfamiliar with the show – it is set in the late 90s and it tells the story of the Huang family and their life in Florida. I personally love how they are recreating the 90s – there is something nostalgic about the decade you were born in. The premiere continued the plot line from the previous season and we learn what happens with Jessica’s book being published (coincidentally on the same day as Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone came out).

What I expect from the season? – I really want for Eddie to grow up, and show some character development like he did when he finally confronted his feelings about his best friend moving away. I would also love to see what happens with Jessica’s writing career.

Doctor Who

I saved the best for last!!! I must admit that I’ve had a rocky relationship with this show since Matt Smith departed from being the Eleventh (and my favorite) Doctor. I waited until Mr. Capaldi’s reign was over to watch all of the episodes with the Twelfth Doctor and it was difficult (as I was resisting) but he grew over time on me. (Twelve, Bill Potts, you shall forever be missed!).

Anyways, I got sidetracked! Thirteen is here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (Can you tell how excited I am!!) She is here in all her glory and I love that she incorporated little bits of her predecessors and I am just over the moon that the show is back and the Doctor is here and she is ready to take us all on new adventures.

The premiere episode was interesting – it introduced us to the new companions, it broke our hearts a little bit and we get the privilege to fall in love with Thirteen. I feel like the story dragged a bit at some points but nothing too painful to watch and we got a glimpse at a new monster!

What I expect from the new season? – Heartbreak, hilarious moments, all the love for Thirteen and plenty of new adventures that will keep us on the edge of our seats!


Once again, I am sorry for the delay with this post and the next few – it’s been a few hectic days! I hope you’re all doing well!

What are you currently watching? Recommend me shows!

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