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Premiere Week 3 – I am confused and in awe

Happy Monday, everyone!

Last week was very brief premiere wise which was good as I had some catching up to do and I was sick for the better part of the week. How was last week for you and what are your plans for the upcoming week?

Premiere wise it was a short week for me – from the relatively long list (in my opinion, at least) of shows that I watch on a weekly basis – only two premiered and that’s Riverdale and The Flash. 


To get it out of the way, and also pardon my French but what the fuck was that premiere? My relationship with Riverdale is a very rocky one – sometimes it is just too much and the premiere was just that. Half of the time I couldn’t keep track of what was happening and I really struggled with tying it to what happened in the last season. I think that the highlight of the episode was Cheryl’s pool party and Cheryl as a whole. She is queen.

What I expect from the season? – I expect Archie-centered drama, pettiness between the Lodges and hopefully for someone to clarify what the hell is going on. I am also hoping for less Serpent drama and more proper order in this wicked town. I would also love for someone to clarify the situation surrounding Polly Cooper and her twin babies and Polly and her mum join a cult?

The Flash

This is the best season premiere of The Flash to date. Last season was very interesting in my opinion, I loved the Crossover event too, but my interest was peaked in the last few episodes with the purple speedster (although I did miss the fact that Iris’ lightning was also purple). Anyway, the introduction of the new story line went very well in my opinion, even if a bit sad. Nora West-Allen is everything I would imagine Barry and Iris’ child would be like and I am so excited that she is here to stay.

What I expect from the season? – Hopefully, Barry will avoid creating yet another Flashpoint type of situation in order to improve Nora’s childhood and his own dreams of fatherhood, but we’ll see what happens. What I would like more to see is interactions between young! Iris and adult! Nora, and I would love to see how they get Killer Frost back, I miss her!


Which show are you enjoying the most right now?

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