Leah on the Offbeat by Becky Albertalli | Creekwood

The instagram votes are in and here is my review of Leah On the Offbeat. BTW, if you aren’t following me on instagram, you should. *insert watchful emojis*

Leah on the Offbeat gives us a sneak peak at the messy, complex world of Simon Spier’s best friend Leah Burke. Leah – a drummer and overall badass, takes us into the world of their senior year of high school.

Leah’s life has a certain beat to it, a beat that is completely thrown off when it comes to her feelings and her romantic life. It was a bit of a struggle to get into the book because I was fighting myself to relate to Leah (which my high school self does, to be honest). In Simon vs. The Homo-Sapiens Agenda we find out that Leah’s dad has abandoned them, and in Leah on the Offbeat we learn that her mother has a seemingly serious boyfriend that Leah has to learn to accept which is difficult for anyone no matter what the age.

What is more important though, in the year of making especially important and difficult decisions, Leah also has to find a way to accept herself and embrace her feelings which is hard on anyone – she has been avoiding facing her feelings towards a certain someone in her squad and talking more and more to that person, and understanding that this person also has feelings for her has been a whirlwind of an adventure.

I won’t lie to you, this book is messy and complicated in so many ways, which makes it that much more realistic and relatable because that’s what life is – complex and mindboggling at most times.

I liked the book even though it was difficult for me to get into it because of my difficult relationship with Leah (I struggled with her presence a lot in Simon vs. The Homo-Sapiens Agenda), but I have to admit it, Leah’s story is interesting and funny, and she is relatable and it was a story that had to be told. I believe that just like Simon vs. The Homo-Sapiens Agenda, Leah on the Offbeat will also have a huge impact on many audiences.

A quote: “I can’t fuck your life, I’m monogamously fucking my own life.”

My rating: 3/5 stars

What’s your most interesting read of 2018?

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