An Open Letter to Toxic Perfectionism


I am not sure if you’re ever going to read this as I don’t know whether or not I’ll actually share it online and I am writing it with different intentions than my usual ones – read this is not going to be a book review or anything of the sort.

I have had this blog for almost two years. I have loved this blog so much and yet I am still not at the point where I want to be with it. The reason? I want everything to be perfect.

Perfect is such a toxic word. It is something I fight myself with on a day to day basis. I have internal struggles on whether or not I can do something, read something, write something, takes notes even if it’s not perfect.

With the blog, I’ve struggled to post because my thoughts haven’t been perfect and even shaping them has been a struggle.

Pardon my language, but fuck that.

I think about the original purpose of Instagram as I read about it somewhere online – sharing pictures or videos as they happen. What a joyous idea. I try to stick by it when it comes to my own Instagram and I share as much as I can when my creativity is flowing and that little voice is silenced.

I would like to apply it here too, because I have so much to share – book wise and not only that (but let’s be real, predominantly bookish wise) and I am so, so excited for it.

I have been a bit more daring over on Instagram where I share things most often either via stories or the occasional post, and the small community I’ve built there has helped immensely, but I miss writing here.

To give you a bit of a personal update – the last few months have been full of ups and downs mental health wise but it’s not all bad.

I’ve already managed to hit my reading goal for the year which is quite surprising but I am very pleased because that has never happened to me before and I will not up the number but keep reading at my own pace.

I know the last post I shared was my quarterly wrap up and maybe I will manage to get some posts up before I write that one as well and I have a fuckton of reviews to post so fingers crossed I get around to doing that. *exhales*

No idea what else to say, I hope I actually get around to spam you all and make the ideas come to life. Update me on how life has been treating you, I love talking to you all.

Thank you for sticking with me.

Jane x

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