The Red Scrolls of Magic by Cassandra Clare and Wesley Chu | The Eldest Curses

Am I really reviewing the newest book as I finished reading it before I’ve reviewed everything else on my list? You bet i am. /Did I forget I wrote this and shocked myself seeing the review almost done – damn right!/

Before going into the review – I am in the worst reading slump. It took me two weeks to finish Red Scrolls not because it’s not a good book, it is, but because the idea of picking up a book to read was revolting. (Thank you, Long Day’s Journey into Night (which coincidentally was the literature work that I got at the state exam)).


The Synopsis:

What is very important to note is that Red Scrolls of Magic is set in The Mortal Instruments timeline and picks up the story of what really happened on Magnus and Alec’s vacation in Europe during City of Fallen Angels. I would suggest reading Red Scrolls of Magic after or even during (if you are not a monogamous reader) City of Fallen Angels as it would make the most sense. I reread City of Fallen Angels months ago but I’ve read it a couple of times and had no problems picking up the story.

On their tour of Europe, Magnus and Alec meet Magnus’s old friend Tessa (yes, that Tessa) in Paris who warns them that there are rumours that Magnus started a demonic cult. She also warns them that Magnus’ magic is being tracked and they are in danger. They start investigating it and their dates keep being interrupted and it’s really moving to read about Alec wanting to keep Magnus safe.

The book offers us a look into Magnus and Alec’s relationship when it’s still really new and we are able to see Magnus’ perspective on his past, his insecurities regarding his heritage and most of all, his fear of losing Alec and the realization how much Alec means to him. On the other side, we see Alec realize and experience his first love. I can gush about Malec for ages.

The book is full of action but also romance, it has hilarious moments, reference to previous books in the series and insight on the feelings of important (for me) characters. I loved seeing familiar faces like Aline and Helen, and some others that will spoil too much and so many other characters whom I’ve grown fond of because of Ghosts of the Shadow Market and The Dark Artifices.

What I enjoyed about the book: The character cast and the romantic action as well as the vulnerability that Magnus and Alec show each other.

What I didn’t like in the book: It was a bit underwhelming to read about the beginning of Malec when both the show (which I love, shush) and Queen of Air and Darkness gave me so much hope and happiness and everything mushy (I love Malec with all my heart, okay).

A quote: “Each time Alec finished a postcard, he wrote ‘Wish you were here’ at the end. And each time, Magnus snatched the card and wrote, with a flourish, ‘Except not really’.
Alec finished his last postcard, and Magnus reached for it, then let his hand drop. He read what Alec had written and smiled, charmed and surprised. On the postcard to his sister, Alec had added, ‘Wish you were here. Except not really’ himself. He shot Magnus a tiny grin.”

Overall I give it 4/5 stars and definitely recommend it.

Have you read The Red Scrolls of Magic? Did you like it?

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