Blue Lily, Lily Blue by Maggie Stiefvater | The Raven Cycle

The review contains spoilers, so continue with caution.

The third installment in the Raven Cycle is one of the most magical ones in the series. As with the rest of the series, I’ve read the book twice (the second time around in preparation for Call Down the Hawk). 

The book is an absolute treat for people fond of soft romance, slow burn and magic. There is so much magic. And the magic is everywhere and in everything, which is the best part. 

I have to say one important thing before I tell you a bit about the plot, this book should definitely be experienced first-hand : Don’t look up detailed plot reviews on it, because being spoiled scenes that you could experience first hand is absolutely devastating (to me, at least) and this is a book that is full of little (big) moments that are absolutely precious and that I refuse to spoil for anyone!

This review will be short because I will omit all the moments I truly want to talk about (feel free to DM me to talk if you’ve read the series), but here is a rough synopsis: 

Blue is one of them. They are her boys. But her boys care for her and so her problems are theirs too. Everyone is looking for Maura and Glendower and the two problems are closely knit together. It’s worrying that Blue and co are not the only ones looking for answers, looking for the missing mother, looking for the sleeping king. 

What happens when you start asking questions is something you should find for yourself. Blue and co. are taken on a journey filled with magic, excitement, heartbreak, love and mystery. Blue learns more about herself than she expected, and we are woven even tighter into the brilliant world that is the Raven cycle.

What I liked about the book: Obviously, the magic and the romance and the moments that made me want to scream.

What I didn’t like about the book: Unpopular opinion time, but I am in the Adam fan-club. Some of the moments with Adam I found really triggering and had to skip through them. 

The best part of the book is how magical it is – there is magic surrounding Blue, there is the magic that Ronan is, there is tech-y magic, ancient magic, the magic of friendship. Also, there is something magical about writing heartbreak.

A quote:

“I know when I’m awake and when I’m asleep,” Ronan Lynch said.

Adam Parrish, curled over himself in a pair of battered, greasy coveralls, asked, “Do you?”

“Maybe I dreamt you,” he said.

“Thanks for the straight teeth, then,” Adam replied.”

Overall, this is a 5 star read. Highly recommend if you are a fan of magical reads, slow burn romance and mysteries. 

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