Call Down the Hawk by Maggie Stiefvater | The Dreamer Trilogy

I am so excited to be writing finally about this book (I put off screaming about it anywhere online until some time passed after the publication). Mind you, it is not the easiest read, but it is wonderful all the same because we are thrown back into that world and what better thing could there be?!

Of course, I have to warn – there will be spoilers about the plot of the book so keep that mind before continuing to read.

The Synopsis:

Dreamers and Dreamed ones walk among us. Dreamers cannot stop dreaming and the fate of the dreamed is in their hands. 

There are those who want to use and destroy the dreamers, to end them before the dreams end us all.

Ronan is a dreamer. He can create anything and pull it out of his dreams and make it a reality.

Jordan is a thief. The more she chases something, the more she gets tied to it.

Carmen is a hunter whose brother is both a dreamer and a killer. She knows what dreaming can do to a person and the damage that dreams can inflict.


Starting at the beginning of the book, the dedication absolutely broke my heart. Broke it, mended it and has given me so much food for thought.

This is not the easiest read. It took me about 2 weeks to finish the book and I had to keep going back and forth, rereading some parts to truly get into the world, make sure I understand what is happening (in hindsight, I am still slightly confused) but all the same, I loved it. It is different from what we experienced in The Raven Boys but it still feels familiar. If you are a just being introduced to this world, don’t worry friend, you don’t need to have read The Raven Boys to get what is going on in Call Down the Hawk (but seriously, you should read TRB, it is amazing).

With Call Down the Hawk the main focus is on the Lynch Brothers and we learn more and new things about them, we learn about their life and hey, spoilers if you have not read The Raven Boys but here is the memo about the Lynches.

We first meet the Lynches within The Raven Cycle with Ronan, Matthew and Declan attending Aglionby (granted, Declan has recently graduated Aglionby within the series). Declan is the eldest son of Aurora and Niall Lynch, he is what i would describe as the secret-keeper. He has a splendid character arc and if he leaves a bit of a bitter taste in your mouth in the first books, then you will obsess over him in Call Down the Hawk.

If you are unfamiliar with Ronan Lynch, then prepare yourself to face a hurricane. Ronan is angst, anger, creation, dreams, feelings, love and danger all in one. The best book to make you love Ronan would be The Dream Thieves but even with only Call Down The Hawk you will want to protect Ronan at all costs.

All I have to say about Matthew is that both Ronan and Declan have a soft spot for him, and indeed, Matthew must be protected at all cost.



What I liked about the book: Well, I am mentioning the dedication once again. I also cannot go without saying that this book made me care more about what happens to Declan Lynch (whom I wasn’t fan of before that). I also care deeply about Ronan and Matthew Lynch (they should be protected at all costs). Besides that, I liked that they are expanding more on the dreamer topic, because I feel like within the Raven cycle, we didn’t get much chance to talk about that when the topic of Glendower was central.

What I didn’t like about the book: I really do not like the hunters and the whole topic of “let’s destroy anything that is out of the ordinary“. I also wish we had more references to Ronan’s friends and we’d spent more time with them, as well because I think that an occasional mention or text, and a few moments with Adam were absolutely insufficient. I hope we get more interaction with them in book 2. I think that the fate of the Jordans was shocking and perhaps rushed, but we will see with book 2. It is still, one of my most anticipated reads.

A quote: You are made of dreams and this world is not for you. 

My rating: 5/5 stars.

What did you think about Call Down the Hawk?

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