A Quick Life Update – Don’t let yourself burn out, kids

Hey everyone! Happy Monday!


This is a quick little life update because I have not done those in a while and I have been mostly silent across social media for the past month. 

Well, here goes. I seemed to have forgotten what it feels like to have more than one class per semester and the exam session absolutely  kicked my butt. I am currently completing a Master’s degree and I had five subjects in the first semester, which were all great but I had forgotten what it feels like to chase deadlines and sit in exams (ridiculous!!). 

I have been reading a lot and achieved a personal record for January (I am planning a January wrap-up, I promise) – I read 17 books! I was also approved for my first e-Arc which was absolutely lovely because it was for one of my favorite authors! 


Both January and February have been pretty intense and eventful and I can’t fully wrap my mind around everything, let alone share it – but I am grateful for good supportive friends and quiet moments with family because those change everything and definitely make a difference. 


I have felt very burned out and with some health issues I had, I didn’t even want to read. I took some time off and it was the best decision I could have made for myself. This could serve as a reminder to take time off and nurture yourself and make sure you don’t get burned out.

I think this is it for this quick update. I am slowly getting back into writing and again catching up with the millions of things I want to share with you. 


Hope you have a fabulous week!

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