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A Collection of Wrap-Ups | March – May Reading Update

Time keeps slipping away from me – with the craziness of the quarantine, and life slowly returning back to normal, and believe me when I say – life is pretty hectic at the moment – I realized that I haven’t done a monthly wrap-up since February! I feel like I haven’t read much in those months, but I am almost at my reading goal so that makes me feel almost giddy. I hope to get into a regular posting routine once things settle down a bit and my exams are over, but who knows?

Hope you’re all doing well.

March Reads: 

Surprisingly, I didn’t get into a too-painful reading hangover after Chain of Gold but Imagine Me absolutely floored me. I absolutely adored McHargue’s book and I have been recommending it to everyone!

April Reads:

April was alright overall – I was glad to finally get round to reading the graphic novels as they were on my tbr for some time and I was super happy with the reread of Six of Crows!

May Reads: 

  • Formula for a Perfect Life – Christy Hayes
  • Twilight – Stephenie Meyer
  • New Moon – Stephenie Meyer
  • Eclipse – Stephenie Meyer

May was amazing reading-wise. I keep comparing my reading to January’s achievement but with all the craziness going on – 4 books in the month is still an accomplishment. I loved rereading Twilight and I am so looking forward to Midnight Sun!

In all honesty, right now I feel very tired and have no desire to read, but I have about a month left of papers for uni to do before I could take a breather and focus on work and reading. I hope I am not hit with a slump because that would mess up everything and I hope I manage to get some classics read soon because it’s been too long. Also my tbr is screaming as per usual, but it is what it is!

What are you reading?

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