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2020 YA Releases That I Still Need to Read

I don’t usually talk about my TBR because I am a big mood reader and cannot stick to a TBR if my life depended on it. I have been working hard on reading more new releases and sticking to my excessive TBR list from Goodreads in 2020 and have barely been rereading (yay!). 

Here goes a quick list and a few words about each book :

This is one of my most anticipated reads for the year but I find myself a bit intimidated by the size of the book, so I’ll see when I get to it.

I definitely need to reread The Hunger Games because it’s been maybe 8 years since I read the trilogy and I am procrastinating it because I can smell the heartache in the air. I wanted to reread the trilogy before reading the new book too.

This will definitely be the first book I read by V.E. Schwab and possibly the book I pick up once I finish the Tower of Nero and The Kingdom of Back.

These books are so highly praised across social media that I am very excited to experience them! 

Another very hyped book that I want to get to soon and that my bookish friends have recommended.

One of my friends did a readalong for the book on Instagram which I missed out on because of the massive book slump that I am in but I want to read this book soon too.

In conclusion, I should stop scrolling Goodreads and other social media for new reads because my TBR is already too excessive as it is, and I should get to reading. 

What are you currently reading?

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