The Wicked King by Holly Black | The Folk of The Air

This book is to this day one of the most hyped up books across Instagram and Twitter (that I see, at least) and it’s for a good reason. It was one of my favorite reads of last year and I look forward to rereading it soon.

Possible spoilers ahead.

The synopsis:

The lesson to take away – make yourself strong.

Jude must be strong to keep her brother strong – he is the heir to Faerie. To keep Oak safe, she has outplayed the power players and bound herself to Cardan so she can rule Faerie behind the scenes. That would be difficult enough as it is even if Cardan was easy to cooperate with. On top of everything – court schemes are ongoing and there is a traitor among them and Jude must thread carefully to save her own life and keep her loved ones safe while dealing with her own feelings regarding Cardan.

My Thoughts: 

What I liked about the book: Where should I start? My jaw dropped at the end of The Cruel Prince and I am glad I didn’t have to wait for the sequel because that would have been torture. Watching the relationship between Jude and Cardan develop is so interesting and the slow-burn enemies-to-lovers is e.v.e.r.y.t.h.i.n.g . This book is full of plot twists and I am still obsessed! There is scheming, lying, betrayals, plots being made and feelings revealed and the information is so much, that at times i caught myself feeling whiplash from all of it! 

In my opinion The Wicked King is the best book in this trilogy!

A quote: “If you’re the sickness, I suppose you can’t also be the cure.” 

My Rating: 5/5 stars

Have you read this book and did you like it?

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