The Invisible Life of Addie LaRue by V.E Schwab

This was one of my most anticipated releases for 2020 and a book I followed as V.E. Schwab posted about her creative process from the moment she announced that she was working on it.

I decided to take my time with reading it, reading spoonfuls at a time so I could make it last longer and I am so happy with my decision – this is hands down, one of the best books I have ever come across.

The review might contain spoilers.

The Synopsis: 

Her curse is that no one will remember. Her gift is that you will never forget.

A young woman makes a bargain to live forever, but the price of that gift is that no one will remember her.

That is how the true life of Addie LaRue starts, an adventure that goes on for centuries and leaves its mark across continents, history, art and makes a young woman challenge the memory of the world.

Everything changes for her when she meets someone who actually remembers.

My Thoughts: 

What I liked about the book: The book is very well paced and the language used throughout is more than beautiful. The story is one of those that just stay with you. Addie’s adventures through time are sometimes very intimidating but the book offers so many life lessons – how valuable time is, how short a human life truly is, how much we underestimate the good things. 

What haunted me most is how she handled her curse. It’s been three months since I finished this book and I am still unsure of whether what happened to her was a curse or a gift – no one could remember her. That gave her absolute freedom to do whatever she wanted but it also deprived her of friends, family and the ability of having to share moments and memories with someone else. 

Perhaps, remembering is both a curse and a blessing. 

This book was one of my most anticipated reads of 2020 and definitely high on my want-to-reread list. I keep recommending it to absolutely everyone because it is a devastatingly beautiful read. I think Addie’s story will stay with me forever, and I think everyone should get to meet her at least once. 

My rating: 5/5 stars

A quote: “Books, she has found, are a way to live a thousand lives–or to find strength in a very long one.”

Have you read this book? Did you enjoy it?

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