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Yet Another Big Reading Update

I am finding it hard to believe that we are nearly halfway through the year already. It has been a crazy year so far, full of changes, growing pains and travel, and while I haven’t been writing all that much, I have been reading a good amount and I hope to keep up throughout the rest of the year because my TBR only keeps growing.

I have read 24 books this year so far and I have loved so many of them! 

2021 in books so far  

I finally finished my last semester in February and Call me Zelda was a course work read. The book is a fictionalized biography of Zelda Fitzgerald’s life and it was a devastating read. 

I had to reread ACOTAR for the purposes of  A Court of Silver Flames which I ended up reading twice in a row, because I loved it that much. But before A Court of Silver Flames came out, another anticipated read came out and did not disappoint – A Vow So Bold and Deadly which was a fantastic finale to a very good series. 

Thanks to book twitter I have been getting into webtoons more (meaning, I have two series that I love and have yet to branch out for more) – Lore Olympus and Heartstopper. I read the first volumes of Heartstopper last year but I didn’t know that it was a regularly updated series on Webtoon so I kept reading there and I love this series so so much. And Lore Olympus? Oof, Lore Olympus makes me look forward to the weekends even more. 

I am proud of how much I’ve kept up with my anticipated reads and I am working hard on staying on track with that – Chain of Iron blew my mind and broke my heart all at the same time. I read it during quarantine and all I can say is that I need more!!!

….Reading Red, White and Royal Blue is the cure for everything, okay? And I need One Last Stop to come out already so I can scream some more. Thanks.

I have been dipping my toes and trying to get into reading more comic books and thanks to WandaVision and The Falcon and The Winter Soldier,  I just had to start with Marvel and try to explore that biiiiiiiiiiig and intimidating comic universe and I had tried reading the Civil War comic books a while ago, so this was interesting and comparing the comics with the film was a fun time because they are really not alike. 

I managed to read Rule of Wolves just as it came out and before the release of the Shadow and Bone TV show and what a beautiful book that was!!! And needless to say, the show is now one of my comfort shows and I also reread Shadow and Bone and I can definitely say it’s one of the best adapted books.

One of the latest reads is a very hyped up series which I am still trying to process and that is The Poppy War trilogy – it was such an interesting well-built and devastating world. 

That is all that I’ve read till mid-May this year, and I am trying my best to chase both the reading goal (and hopefully surpass it) and enjoy what I am reading, and keep up with new releases and all that. I will keep you all updated. 

What have you been reading?

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