The Lost Book of The White by Cassandra Clare and Wesley Chu | The Eldest Curses

This was one of my most anticipated books of 2020 and I can’t wait to scream about it.

The review might contain spoilers.

The Synopsis: 

Alec and Magnus are living their best life – they have a beautiful loft, they have their son and New York is relatively peaceful. 

That is, until two old friends break into Malec’s apartment to steal The Book of the White. Now, the amazing duo have to go retrieve it. They go on an adventure to Shanghai with some familiar faces to go find for the Book. Once in Shanghai, they learn that something scarier awaits them.

Aside from worrying about the theft, Magnus has received a wound from a magical weapon and dealing with it isn’t that easy. This wound makes Magnus’s magic unstable and it leaves our heroes wondering can they stop the looming threat? 

My Thoughts: 

The Lost Book of the White is a fantastic sequel. It was one of my most anticipated releases of 2020 and I always love reading about Malec.

What I liked about the book: As I already mentioned, I feel like The Lost Book of the White to be a fantastic sequel to The Red Scrolls of MagicI really enjoyed the fact that it is set in the time between The Mortal Instruments and The Dark Artifices (definitely after The Shadowhunter Academy) and that we get to meet our old favorites again. Seeing domestic Alec and Magnus was one of the main perks, and one of the main reasons for me to pick up this series in the first place. I think that The Eldest Curses and The Last Hours are more tied together than people give them credit for at first glance because both series deal with the demonic heritages of Magnus and Tessa.

I was very excited about the trip to Shanghai and the adventure there, and I must say – the battle scenes were some of my favorites in this series.

What I didn’t like about the book: The comments about whether or not Maryse can handle Max. Seriously, that woman raised Alec, Izzy, Max AND Jace who had been through enough sh*t before going to the Lightwoods. She can handle it.

My rating: 4/5 stars

A quote: “The Institute has a very old magic woven into its walls. I shall now use it to commune with my mother, wherever she might be found.” He put his hands around his mouth and bellowed at the top of his lungs. “MOOOOOOOOOM!”

What do you think about second books in series?

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Red Scrolls of Magic by Cassandra Clare and Wesley Chu | The Eldest Curses

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