Kingdom of Flesh and Fire by Jennifer L. Armentrout

This book… this book gave me trust issues.

The review might contain spoilers.

The Synopsis:

Everything that Poppy has believed in has been a lie, including the man she fell in love and put her trust in. She is among people who barely know her and who see her as a symbol of monstrosities and she has to figure out who she is without the Veil. 

Cas has had many names and many faces, and he is single-minded when it comes to one thing – finding and saving his brother. Poppy knows better than to trust Casteel yet he is the only way for her to achieve her goal of saving her own brother from the monsters that surround him. 

The worst part – so many people want Poppy dead. The Descenters and the King of Atlantia want Poppy dead to send a message, the wolven are unpredictable and there are whispers of war between the two kingdoms. 

My Thoughts: 

What I liked about this book: As I said in my review of From Blood and Ash , this is also a very action-packed book. It gave me a lot of trust issues and I felt like I was holding my breath the entire time which made me love it even more. Poppy grew up a lot in Kingdom of Flesh and Fire and I found really enjoyable to watch her grow into herself. The expansion of the world was also very pleasant and my favorite moments were when they got to Spessa’s End and then on to Atlantia. The final moments of that book made me go !!!!!!!! (yes, that is a valid emotion). 

Poppy isn’t the only one who had a character development, Cas had one too and seeing him more open and vulnerable towards Poppy was very moving. 

The final chapters live in my mind rent-free. I can’t wait to get physical copies so I can annotate the hell out of them.

Also, I can’t go without saying – the romance !!! the smut !!! the plot !!! the world-building!!! – CHEF’S KISS

What I didn’t like about the book: While it’s understandable how the positions within the society kept shifting, I didn’t like the prejudice and the aggression that everyone had. Again, given all the tension between the two kingdoms, it is understandable but that doesn’t mean I like it. 

A quote: “But even so, sometimes, the heartbreak that comes with loving someone is worth it, even if loving that person means eventually saying goodbye to them.”

My Rating: 5/5 stars – and I immediately added it to my all-time favorites! 

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