The Love Hypothesis by Ali Hazelwood

I only recently heard of this book but I pushed it to the top of my TBR because it sounded really exciting and I am still not sure whether or not it pulled me out of the reading slump or threw me into a brand new one. 

The review might contain spoilers.

The Synopsis: 

Olive is a third-year PhD candidate and as such, has very little time for anything and doesn’t believe that romantic relationships can last. What she does believe in, is her found family and she would go above and beyond to make sure that they are happy – which is how she ends up in this mess in the first place. After briefly dating a guy that her best friend ends up falling for, Olive has to find a way to prove to her best friend that she has no feelings for the guy and what better way than to start fake dating someone else.

The said someone else is a young professor with a well-established reputation for being an ass, which is why Olive is shocked when he agrees to go along with the story and be her fake boyfriend. 

My Thoughts: 

What I liked about this book: I am not kidding when I say that I almost instantly knew that this book will reside on my all-time-favorites shelf. I rarely go for contemporary or romance books but this has been all over my feeds and I knew I had to look into it. The main characters are very different from each other – I would describe Olive as chaotic but also a sunshine, whereas Adam would be broody and mean to everyone except Olive (obviously). At first glance the only thing that they have in common is science and their studies but as the fake dating thing keeps going, you can watch them fall in love for each other. I absolutely loved the tropes in the book and it had me all giddy and giggly while reading it. 

I loved that each chapter starts with a small comment/excerpt of Olive’s thoughts and that sets the tone for the chapter and it’s actually hilarious each time because the more the book develops, the bigger the mess gets. 

This book is very well-written and very funny and adorable, and the serious “oh-shit” moments take your breath away. 

As a bonus, if you sign up to the author‘s newsletter you get Chapter 16 from Adam’s point of view, and trust me on this – it is an essential read.

I won’t be shutting up about this book in the foreseeable future, that’s for sure. 

What I didn’t like about the book: Some moments between Olive and her friends didn’t sit right with me even though they worked out well with the plot, and if it had been written otherwise it would have ruined some very intense and spicy moments but still, I am a bit iffy about them. 

A quote: “carry yourself with the confidence of a mediocre white man”

Tropes: fake dating, misunderstandings, pining idiots who are too scared to confess their feelings, room sharing (almost there was only one bed but not really), found family, character is mean to everyone except their SO.

My Rating: 5/5 stars, highly recommend! 

What are your favorite book tropes?

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