Quarterly Wrap-Up (October – December 2019)

Happy New Year! May the new year and the new decade bring you health, wonderful books, success and may your dreams come true! Thank you for staying with me and sharing this book journey with me. It's the time for the final reading update of the year! Despite the last three months being absolutely crazy… Continue reading Quarterly Wrap-Up (October – December 2019)

Quarterly Wrap-up (July-September 2019)

I am very late with this segment, but you can't always schedule everything in life, can you? In the period of July through September, I didn't manage to read as much as I hoped I would because I was busy preparing to sit my state exam, but overall, I can't say I did too shabby.… Continue reading Quarterly Wrap-up (July-September 2019)

A Quarterly Wrap-Up (January-March 2019)

Hi everyone! I hope you've been doing well. I've missed writing terribly, but quite frankly, I've been going through a very rough writing block which has gone as far as to impact my mental health. I went into 2019 knowing that I wanted to do monthly wrap-ups that I would post both here and on… Continue reading A Quarterly Wrap-Up (January-March 2019)

My 2018 reads | Wrap Up

2018 was very eventful for me not only personal wise, but in the reading world too. I moved, I traveled, I changed jobs, I started writing more, I have been trying to take better care of myself, I talked (a lot) and I reconnected with some old friends while making new ones as well. I… Continue reading My 2018 reads | Wrap Up